Long Beach Register

I was shocked when I heard that the Long Beach Register was set to publish their first edition in mid August. It seems as though all other major newspapers have decided to pull back on paper publishing due to the easy instant access the internet has provided the papers’ former subscribers over recent years. As well as that, the higher costs of printing and declining sponsor interest would make any publisher hesitant to start a brand new newspaper. On the other hand the OC Register seems fairly successful and is widely distributed in Orange County. What are your thoughts on Long Beach’s first Register? Do you think it will be a hit or destined for failure?


Are you fearful of losing your income?

Are you fearful of losing your income due to a long term disability or illness? This study shows that for a lot of people it is one of their greatest fears. So why don’t people protect their greatest asset? Which is their ability to make an income. I believe it is the lack of awareness.
Which job would you take?
$99,000/year with no benefit if you cannot work due to illness or injury
$96,000/year and if you become ill and cannot work you will receive $65,000 until age 65

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Enterprise Zone Tax Credits (Long Beach)

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits (Long Beach)

The termination of enterprise zone tax credits is a huge loss for Long Beach.  Over 550 businesses will be affected.  The incentive for these businesses to hire workers from disadvantaged zip codes and neighborhoods is now reduced. 

The state has no problem with free handouts, but when it comes to local businesses, which bring jobs and revenue to the state, they repeal their tax benefits. 

Our local economy is like an ecosystem.  When a local business is limited to growth and their incentives to expand are taken away there is a direct affect on new and existing jobs.  Without new jobs and possibly the loss of existing jobs you will see a decrease in consumer spending, which in turn will hurt other local businesses.  This cycle will continue when programs like the enterprise zone tax credit are reduced.


How to pass your life insurance medical exam with flying colors

I give my clients these tips every time they are preparing for a paramed exam

  1. Take your medical exam early in the morning before breakfast
  2. Do not drink caffeine or workout before your exam
  3. Do not drink alcohol the day of or the day before
  4. Stop taking any kind of workout supplement at least five days before your medical exam including protein powder (unless your physician has you on a regiment)
  5. Try to keep your carb intake low for a few days before your exam
  6. Stay away from trans fat and anything that is high in bad cholesterol

I hope this helps you or your client get the best insurance rating possible.